> NNKC #18

NNKC #18


Happy November from NNKC HQ. We’re camped out and bundled up in anticipation of this month’s Nerd Nite KC event. Mark your calendars for November 20 at MiniBar (3810 Broadway, KC MO).

This month will be the 18th Nerd Nite Kansas City. Can you believe it? Eighteen! To celebrate, we’ll have smokes, ammo, and lotto scratchers for everyone! (Full disclosure: we won’t actually have those things.) But we will have three terrific presentations. The order will probably change, but here are the goods:

  • We’ll have Jenifer Boles talking about Tribal Sovereignty–an overview of history and powers of the tribes as independent nations. I’ve already got questions!
  • ¬†Nicholas Naughton will share his insights into things printmaking-, lithography-, and letterpress-related. Please don’t ask him any leading questions. See what I did there? That’s for the typography nerds. And the homograph/heteronym nerds. (We are legion.)
  • ¬†And Jess Anthony and her brother Ben from Wood and Salt will have a seasonal discussion about the first Thanksgiving at Jamestown–whether it was a cured meat cornucopia or…wait for it…cannibalism. As I write, I’m trying to decide if it’s in bad taste to make a cannibalism joke on a public website. I’m leaning toward probably. But who knows: by the time the 20th arrives, I may have changed my mind.

So join us for a bit of pre-holiday revelry. We’ll have a few holiday-inspired special treats for everyone, and another exciting round of Get to Know Your Bartender, the game that affords every player a 50/50 shot of winning a super-cool prize. Hope you can come out.


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