> NNKC #21

NNKC #21

Join us February 19 for Nerd Nite #21, at MiniBar (3810 Broadway, KCMO). You should come! Doors at 6:30, and we’ll start the night at 7:00. 


After the opening toast, you can expect to have your mind melted with the following presentations:

 Marc Robinson will talk about the death of languages, which he calls “the other great extinction.” He’s going to talk about all the languages that are dying out, and help us see why they’re interesting and why we should be sad to see them disappear forever. It’s already sad, and his presentation hasn’t even begun. But also fascinating! Nerds can entertain two thoughts simultaneously like that: sadness and intrigue. Marc is a long-time friend of Nerd Night KC, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to the mic for this talk. Maybe we can learn some swear words in Eyak, Chemehuevi, or Bo [note: those are actual languages].

Did you know there were trends in sex education? Yes! Because sex is SO CONTROVERSIAL. Ailea Stites will give us a glimpse into the world of sex education trends that we never knew existed. Not to get all heavy here, but sex education is serious shit, and this is an interesting time for these issues: lots of new laws and regulations in all parts of the country related to sex education and reproductive health. This is going to be a very good presentation because it is about two of the most important things in existence: sex and education.

And we’ll also have McKinzey Manes and Brigg Killips presenting on evil laughter, of the ‘mwa-ha-ha’ type. This will be a presentation about evil laughs as an “undead horse trope.” If you don’t know what that is, I’m sure you can either Google it, or (if you can delay your gratification for just little bit) you can hear all about it firsthand from McKinzey. She’ll also discuss the psychology of the evil laugh, and you’ll get a quick how-to. That’s right: you’ll gain a new skill for your LinkedIn Profile. We’ll even endorse you if you want. We are excited about this presentation because we’ll all be drinking, and nothing goes with a cold beer like a good, hearty, from-the-gut evil laugh.

All of that plus another exciting edition of Get To Know Your Bartender (with FABULOUS PRIZES)! Again, our good friends at MiniBar will host the festivities. They are nice people, and they will serve you delicious drinks and pizza. We hope you can make it out. See you soon. Onward nerds!


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