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This poster doesn't even begin to suggest how awesome Nerd Nite is in person.

This poster doesn’t even begin to suggest how awesome Nerd Nite is in person.

Hey Nerds: Happy March!

We’re back March 19 with Planes, Trains, and Crane Style. You should come! We’ll again be joining our good friends at MiniBar (3810 Broadway, KC MO). The evening starts with our traditional toast at 7:00. After the toast, here’s what you’ll experience:

PLANES. Josh Steinmetz is going to help us all become better and more savvy travelers. Among other things, he’ll teach us to maximize our travel rewards and give us some tips to stretch our budgets further than we ever imagined. We are excited about this presentation, because we dislike spending money on airline travel that we’d otherwise spend on beer and fireworks at our final destination.

TRAINS. David Jonhson is going to give us the straight dope on Kansas City’s efforts to build a streetcar system. David works very closely with the KC Streetcar Authority, which means he knows his shit. We have lots of questions about streetcars in KC, and we’re sure you do as well. For example: What are the primary arguments for and against streetcars in KC? Can we expect this system to expand? And to what extent will streetcars compete with the teleportation tubes that are definitely also on the horizon? We’ll probably think of even more questions after our fifth Irish Ale, and David will be there to answer those as well.

CRANE STYLE. Phil Ledgerwood is going to talk about Martial Arts. We will not tell you much about this presentation, because it doesn’t matter: martial arts kick ass. Period. They are pretty much the ideal nerd discipline, because they demand sustained focus and attention, allow you to commune with a rich, centuries-old tradition, and make you 1000% more of a badass than anyone else. Also pressure points. Nerds love pressure points, am I right?

In addition to these, we’ll host another thrilling round of Get to Know Your Bartender (with prizes!), and of course conversation with some of the smartest and most interesting people in the entire city. That, my friends, is a fact. You all are great, and we can’t wait to see you soon. Hope you can make it out. Invite your friends!

If you haven’t already, you can join our Facebook group to get in on regular(ish) nerd-type discussions, and to see the official event invitation. You can also follow us on Twitter (@NerdNiteKC) for occasional nerd news updates.


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