> Nerd Nite #24

Nerd Nite #24


Please join us next Wednesday, May 21 for another Nerd Nite KC! We’ll again be at MiniBar (3810 Broadway, KCMO). Doors at 6:30, Nerds at 7:00. 

After the toast, we’ll help you learn about the following life events:

Getting Born (at home). Happy belated Mother’s Day, and we’re going to talk about birth—HOMEbirth, in particular. We’ve got you covered if you’re curious about homebirth. What’s involved? Why would anyone want to have a baby at home? Obviously, that’s where the gaming console is, but there are certainly other reasons as well. And we’re going to learn them.

Getting Paid (from Bitcoin). Whence Bitcoin? Wherefore Bitcoin? Who doesn’t have lots of questions about Bitcoin? For example: Can you get paid in Bitcoin? Can you flip a Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin a count or noncount noun? (Good questions, right?) We’re very excited to take a stroll down the history of Bitcoin.

Getting Dead (in an environmentally-friendly way). After you’re dead, what happens to your body? For some of us, it’s placed into a pill-like coffin and jettisoned to an awakening planet, where an experimental terraforming device reanimates us as a blank slate until we can be reunited with our Katra, or living spirit, which is stored in the mind of Dr. McCoy. But others of us will be lowered into a hole, burned, or donated to science. What’s the most environmentally-friendly way to be buried? Let’s find out!

So please join us. We’d love to see you! The night will include another thrilling round of Get to Know Your Bartender, because Clarence and Tony and Phil (if he’s there) are the best. Plus conversation with all of our favorite people. Hope you can make it out.


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