> Join us June 18 for NNKC #25

Join us June 18 for NNKC #25


Happy summer, nerds!

We hope you can join us June 18 at MiniBar KC (3810 Broadway, KCMO) for Nerd Nite #25. Doors will open and drinks will start flowing at 6:30, and we’ll get started at 7:00. After the toast, we’ll have the following presentations:

NNKC regular Katie Greer will teach us a bit about Kansas City History. We don’t know exactly what aspects of KC’s storied past Katie will discuss, but we do know this: nerds love history. Perhaps she’ll recount the story of how our city was founded by extra-terrestrial explorers. Or maybe we’ll learn why the Plaza has been haunted for a thousand years by a demonic overlord. Who knows? We do know that Katie is a bona-fide KC enthusiast and urbanist who Tweets regularly (@KC_k8e) her bite-sized morsels of KC history using the hashtag #quickKChistory. This will be a great presentation, and we’re excited to have Katie on the mic.

We’ll also have Paula Rose presenting on Unicorn Art: Medieval Symbolism to Contemporary Kitsch. We’re excited about this presentation for a couple of reasons. First, unicorns are not real. (Or are they?) Second, despite this fact, unicorns are everywhere—in myth and folklore, heraldic seals, but also more recently on Trapper Keepers, in the figure of Rapidash the Pokémon, and obviously in Robot Unicorn Attack, which is definitely the best mobile game in the history of the world. So why do we love unicorns so much? Where and when did this love emerge? We can’t wait for this presentation.

And if those weren’t enough, Kerry McRae will tell us about Key Fuckups in the Pickup Artist Community, which is about as badass as presentation titles come. As YouTube proves every day, the world loves a good fuckup, so we’re excited about that. But this presentation already raises so many questions: How does one learn the art of the pickup? Are there masters of this art? How long has this community been identified as a legit “community?” And if pickup artists constitute a community, do they also have a community center? Is it located in Power and Light? See? There is SO MUCH TO KNOW. And that’s why we’re excited about this presentation.

We’ll also have another round of Get To Know Your Bartender, when we’ll learn more about Clarence and Tony (because those guys are awesome). As always, no cover, which means that you can drink more. For more frequent information and updates, please check (and join) our Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/nerdnitekc).

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