> NNKC 26!

NNKC 26!


We hope you can join us for Nerd Nite KC on Wednesday, July 16, at MiniBar (3810 Broadway, KCMO), where the drinks and A/C will be COLD. Doors at 6:30, and we’ll start the evening with a toast to the night’s Patron Nerd at 7:00. After the toast, we’ll answer the BIG FUCKING QUESTIONS:

What is religious freedom in the eyes of the Supreme Court? On the heels of the  Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision, and the resulting explosions of public opinion on nearly every side, Nick Kraly is going to give us a little background into how the Supreme Court has historically negotiated issues of religious freedom and their intersection with our civil society. This will be a good talk. We are already excited about the Q&A for this one, because nerds love asking questions and having a discussion, especially after three of Clarence’s special bomb pop martinis.

Is Kansas City the Baltimore of the Midwest? The best thing about this question is its mystery: according to what criteria are we comparing them? Charm? Humidity? Density of shaved ice vendors? Proximity to filthy water? In any case, wonder no more! Brian Czarski is going to finally answer this question. Brian is a former Baltimore resident, police officer, and all-around knowledgeable dude about all things Baltimore. He recently moved with his family to KC, and he has probably been taking measurements of our great city with a special device. He will report his findings and they will blow your mind.

Is Kevin Bacon the true center of the universe? We all know about Kevin Bacon numbers, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, and the fact that a Google search can reveal a person’s “Bacon Number.” But is it that simple? Is it just a game, or is Kevin Bacon a more fundamental part of our universe? Nerd Nite veteran Mike Van Til has spent months researching Kevin Bacon’s centrality in the universe of fame and he’s going to offer us some perspective to help us understand this phenomenon and make smarter decisions about where to turn to verify our Bacon number research (spoiler alert: not Google). We’re excited to welcome Mike back to the stage!

All this plus another thrilling round of Get To Know Your Bartender (with prizes and a free drink for the winner!). We hope to see you out. If you want more regular updates, don’t forget about our FB group: Facebook.com/groups/nerdnitekc

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