> Join us for NNKC 28!

Join us for NNKC 28!

Join us!

Join us!

Kansas City nerds,

Greetings and September salutations from your NNKC crew. Please join your fellow nerds next week, September 17 for Nerd Nite 28. We’ll start at 7:00, and we’ll meet at our usual spot: MiniBar (3810 Broadway, KCMO). After the toast, expect the following excitement (in no particular order):

  • NNKC pal Marc Robinson will explain how the phone system works and why it’s the most complicated man-made object on the planet. Is is the most complicated object? This is a hefty claim, given that we live in a world with large hadron colliders, Michael Bay films, and Roombas. But Marc is a good persuader, so he will likely leave us convinced, and also charmed us with his nerdy wit and his experience working inside the phone company. Can’t wait for this one!
  • Second, and just in time for autumn camping season, Adrienne and Daniel Lalli Hills will tell us how to properly shit in the woods. You may not realize it, but there are right ways to shit in the woods, wrong ways to shit in the woods, and deeply wrong ways to shit in the woods. Be prepared: know the difference! These are MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, folks, and they come bringing the facts about feces—dropping knowledge about dropping deuces, if you will. This will be an awesome presentation for certain.
  • And last, filling in after we had a last-minute (unfortunate) cancellation, NNKC’s own Charlie Huette will talk about the lives of ticks. Charlie is a child of the Ozark forest, and in reflective moments he describes his youth as “parasite-y,” so he has a lifetime of special connections to family Ixodes and their fascinating mouthparts. He has been encouraged by Shelly to keep it not-gross, and he’ll do his best to do just that, but he also understands that sometimes gross equals awesome.

All that plus another round of Get to Know Your Bartender with FABULOUS PRIZES!  As always, for more regular info and for official event invites, please see our Facebook group: Facebook.com/groups/nerdnitekc

We hope you can make it out. See you next week!



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