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NNKC #19

You should come!

Nerd Nite KC #19

Announcing Nerd Nite 19! Hooray! Beer! Nerds! Holiday Cheer! More beer! As you can tell, enthusiasm abounds. Wednesday, December 18th we will once again drink and talk and drink and learn and drink and ask questions. Please join us for the party at MiniBar KC. Doors will open at 6:30, and we will warmly toast the start of NNKC 19 at 7:00.

After the toast, these experiences:

Cree Zepeda will help us understand some principles of natural building, which is building stuff from natural and sustainable materials like corn cobs and straw bales. From our correspondence with Cree, we learned that these homes are also called “Earthships.” (For a treat, search that term with Google Images.) Cree comes by her knowledge of Eathship construction first-hand: she built cob and straw houses in Oregon, and in New Mexico, she learned to build houses using timbers. All we can say to that is damn that’s cool.

Tyler Watts will teach us a little about computer programming. Tyler makes his living teaching and programming, and his talk will not only help us see the importance of learning a little programming ourselves, but also of computational thinking generally. He says that because we live our lives in digital environments of all sorts, it’s nice to learn things that can help us navigate them. Yes please to this conversation! And here’s another cool thing: Tyler considers programming to be a form of personal expression, which is a beautiful and humane way to think about it.

If those two weren’t enough, we’ll also have a presentation tentatively (and evocatively) titled, “How to Catch a Foreign Spy: Based on Declassified KGB Materials.” We will not reveal anything about this presentation except that it is going to be awesome. And that there is an entire section devoted to Soviet Illustrations! And that there are actual images of documents with handwritten checkmarks and annotations! We can’t wait to hear what they mean!

Wow. All that plus drinks plus Get to Know Your Bartender plus Q&A! (Seriously though: you ask good questions.) Hope to see you out on the 18th.


Your NNKC team.