> NNKC #36

NNKC #36


Announcing Nerd Nite KC #36!

Come on down to MiniBar (3810 Broadway, KCMO) Wednesday, May 20! We’ll share a toast at 7:00 and then get on with the following presentations (possibly in a different order):

Katie Green on Planetary Boundaries.

What are planetary boundaries, you ask? That’s the same question WE asked when Katie approached us to present, and Katie’s answer was enough to convince us that this would be a COOL presentation. Planetary Boundaries refer to a framework in environmental science used to describe the impact of human activity on the Earth’s environment. Katie’s presentation will help us understand this framework, and possibly provide you with a new way of thinking about environmental issues.

Brian Lowry delivers a surprise presentation.

This is the wrapped presents of presentations. Brian is a NNKC regular, and a man of many talents and interests. Over the years, we’ve tried many times to get him to present—but he never quite figured out which of his many fields of nerdy interest he would explore with us. So we’ve decided to keep it a mystery, because we get to decide things like that. What will it be? Will it be mind-bending? Practical? Touching? Raunchy? We don’t know, but we know it will be awesome! It’s a gift-wrapped surprise!

Jimmy Rustle on Linux

As I’m sure you know, Linux is a free and open-source operating system. Our friend Jimmy is going to share his knowledge of Linux for those of us who may want to give it a try. And because this is Nerd Nite, he’ll also get nerdy with the topic and hopefully launch a lively Q&A among the Linux users among us. Bring your Q&A game!

As always, our good friends Clarence and Tyler will hold down the bar and mix the best drinks in town. We hope to see you on Wednesday.

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