> Join us for NNKC 32!

Join us for NNKC 32!


Hey Kansas City Nerds!

Please join us Wednesday, January 21 for Nerd Nite Kansas City! We’re again meeting at Minibar, our usual spot (3810 Broadway, KCMO), and the evening will begin with a toast at 7:00 p.m. After the toast, enjoy the following brief episodes of knowledge-dropping:

Casey Claps will talk about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, also known as the “Juche-oriented socialist state which embodies the idea and leadership of Comrade Kim Il Sung, founder of the Republic and the father of socialist Korea.” For some, North Korea is a shimmering beacon of prosperity and self-sufficiency. For others, North Korea more closely resembles a concrete landscape of despotism and uncomfortable-looking shoes. And probably other, more nuanced views as well. Which is right? You’ll have to come to find out.

Then Maggie Priesmeyer will teach us about biking in the winter. As we learned from NNKC presentations past, bicycling in Kansas City presents challenges under the best of conditions. But what about under the worst of conditions—like ice storms, snow, or polar vortices? How does one not get frostbitten? Might these challenges actually lend a charm to biking in the winter? Who knows? As luck would have it, Maggie knows, and she’s going to tell us all about it.

Finally, NNKC’s own John Helling will teach us a bit about conic sections.  As you may know, when you intersect a plane with cones, you end up with a conic section. But what you may not know is a bundle of other really interesting facts having to do with the geometric principles and history of the conic section. It’s always fun to take a look at math concepts bathed in the warm glow of a neon beer sign.

All that plus another round of Get to Know Your Bartender! We hope to see you out this month.

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