> Join us for NNKC 31

Join us for NNKC 31


Please join Nerd Nite Kansas City on December 17 at MiniBar KC (3810 Broadway, KCMO) for a night of research, cocktails, and nerdy community. We’ll start the evening at 7:00, and after we kick things off with a toast, you can expect the following presentations (not necessarily in this order):

Don Crawley, an accomplished author, software nerd, and Seattle native will talk about the world’s loudest non-amplified musical instrument: the pipe organ. In this talk, titled “Coon Huntin’, Pipe Organs, and a Cigar Flute: a passion for music pipes,” Don will reveal the inner secrets of the King of Instruments and (we promise) explain its connection to coon huntin’. Don recently shared this presentation with Nerd Nite Seattle, and we’re pleased to give him a warm Nerd Nite Kansas City welcome.

Then Josh Hyde is going to teach us about religion in public schools. Public schools have always been a cultural battleground, and Josh comes toting a well-researched presentation that will reveal some of the lingering influences of religion in our schools. While this presentation centers on legal and political aspects of this issue, we’re optimistic he’ll also offer us some concrete steps our schools can take to bolster our national War on Christmas effort. Either way, we’re super excited to welcome Josh to the NNKC mic.

And if that weren’t enough, Paula Roy is coming to talk about Sex, Flies and Audiotape: drosophila courtship revealed. You may not immediately connect drosophila fly mating with what passes for “courtship” in polite society. If you’re like us, you probably imagine that fruit flies engage in anonymous and perfunctory trysts in the fruit bowl or on the lip of a beer can—sowing seed, laying egg, that sort of thing. But that’s because we don’t know shit about fruit flies. Paula Roy, on the other hand, does know shit about drosophila—lots of shit, in fact. She studies them. And she’s going to reveal for us some fascinating details of research on courtship of these tiny diptera. This will be an awesome presentation!

All that PLUS another round of Get to Know Your Bartender. Plus all the great Q&A. As always, you can get updates at our Facebook group. Hope to see you December 17.

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