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Nerd Nite KC #20

Happy New Year!

NNKC Moby Dick

Please join us next week, January 15 for Nerd Nite #20. As usual, we’ll convene at 7:00 p.m. at MiniBar(3810 Broadway, KCMO), where we’ll share our two favorite intoxicants: alcohol and learning. Did you hear that we’re doing a theme night? Yes! It’s Moby Dick! This month we’ve got three great presentations, all related to that monster of a book:

Jennifer Fenton will share the literary, historical, and contemporary reasons why Moby Dick remains the Great American Novel. She had done a LOT of research and writing and thinking about Moby Dick, so she’s probably going to deliver a spirited defense of her position. If you disagree (because Battlefield Earth, duh), come on down for the Q&A and make your case. We love a good literary grudge match.

Cassie Cole recently finished reading Moby Dick for the very first time, and she’s going to share her experiences and reactions. She’s not going to hold back, we can tell you that much. Maybe she liked it. Maybe she thought it was way too fucking long. You’ll have to be there to find out.

And Jason Smajda will talk about the culture of readers (and non-readers) onto which that book fell like a seven-hundred-ton spermaceti bomb. What were those people like who didn’t buy Moby Dick? What did they watch on TV? Did they know how to dance? Did they run 5K races? Maybe Jason will tell us. He is a teacher by trade, and a good one, so this will be a badass presentation!

Each presenter will have 20-ish minutes, followed by a brief Q&A and a break for drinks and conversation. If you get hungry, MiniBar serves little pizzas from behind the bar. We hope to see you out!

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See you soon,

Your Nerd Nite Kansas City team.

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